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Our blog covers the best in games, and gaming and we are so glad that you have found our little place on the internet. We love sharing our love of online gaming and software and are now very pleased to welcome you into our community blog.

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Right now, we are finding a lot of interest in this new site called YouTube

It looks like YouTube is going to be a big hit. We are now seeing game videos on YouTube that include such great games as Doom II and Jurassic Park. A lot of the SNES Games are also making an appearance as game videos which is terrific, because some of us are still trying to get past some of those harder levels.

YouTube doesn't seem to really take any special software other than what comes with your video capture card for your video camera. That is really terrific for a lot of us that don't want to spend a lot of money on new software, especially when gaming software seems to be going up in price very quickly.


More Games Coming Soon
Dave has been working with this program called Flash and has found a way to make some great games and wants to distribute them for free. So, keep checking back and updating your Flash program so that you can play these incredible games. So far Dave has been able to create a dungeon quest game, a casino game, and he is also now working on a game that is very similar to Frogger... The game should also be avalible for mobile gaming so stay tuned!!! We will also feature some play for fun Australian made casino games , that are getting real hot in Canada.



January 23th, 1997

Gaming Videos at SpaceCoastWeb.org Blog

You thought you were good at making gaming videos? Well, check out what we did with our new Adbobe Photoshop software application. That's right, we were able to edit some great gaming footage and put it right on YouTube!


January 12th, 2002

Brought my blog back

I've only been able to post every week as you have noticed, but I have finally gotten everything situated so that I can continue to post daily. I think that is exciting news, well it is for me anyway!

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